Relative to some of the middle end Mi 8 SE, not only made the first starter 710 such a new characteristic of the processor, the price of 1799 yuan is more intimate with the people, the appearance of the more hard lines and iPhone made a certain difference, the overall view even have a point to grab the meaning of the Mi 8, that Mi 8 SE and Xiaolong 710's performance is specific. Let's make a judgement before we know it.

In appearance, Mi 8 SE adopts the design of double-sided glass + metal frame. The details of the transition parts of each material face are good, smooth and no scraping. Although the forehead and back of the vertical double photography is still with the shadow of iPhone X, but the hard and sharp appearance line is to keep the final body, the whole machine from the feeling and hold the feel of the hand, is still good.

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