Hello all,
Today share with you a useful way to convert CDA files.

Step 1: Open your iTunes, click Edit on the menu bar, and then select Preferences, and select Ask to Import CD beside when you insert a CD.
Step 2: Click the Import Settings button, select the MP3 Encoder as well as the quality level in the drop-down list of Import Using. Click OK to return to the main interface.
Step 3: Insert the audio CD to computer DVD/CD drive and import CD tracks.
Step 4: Select the CDA file that needs to be converted, right-click to select Create MP3 Version, and start to convert CDA to MP3.
That’s a quick guide on using iTunes as a CDA converter.
Source from http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/convert-cda-to-mp3.html
cheers guys
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