People turn so quickly to e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, to send instant thank you notes, with many of those being read by all of the recipient's friends and family. You have to consider whether this looks like you're showing off with your thank you message or whether you genuinely want all of your recipient's friends and family to know of the great deed bestowed on you; so good, that you wanted to send a thank you note.

The problem with sending electronic thank you cards is their throwaway nature. It doesn't feel like you have put in sufficient effort to say thank you and come across as particularly genuine, even if you are. Everyone knows it is only taking you a few seconds to type an e-mail or social message.

So you need some special way to express your sincerity with the digital thank you cards. Why not try AmoLink interactive thank you ecards? Rich your thank you cards with animation, photo, music, video, sound, etc.It's fresh way to say thank you. The recipients must be able to feel your sincerity. Trust me.

Let's say thank you with AmoLink.

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