If you are like me the sending of holiday cards is still a thing I look forward to doing each year. The task normally involves a weekend of my time. First, you have to construct a list of names your sending cards to, then you choose the appropriate holiday card, next you write the card and finally mail them. The obstacle I come across every year is choosing the right holiday card for the right person. If you're like me you have all sorts of people on your list, from religious types to children, which all need their own type of card. So what's the best and simplest way of organizing your holiday card activities?

What works best for me with my holiday card list is grouping them into categories and then I create cards to reflect that category. Religious cards are one of the most popular choices, with many different styles to choose from depending on the religion. You can't miss children's holiday cards as they have pictures of Santa and presents on the front of them. Traditional themed cards are always popular and they're hard not to miss, as they're always come in traditional holiday colors. I'm a fan of destination themed cards, for example Australian holiday cards. The cards depict Santa crossing the dessert with Kangaroos and Kolas in the background. These cards warm the hearts of relatives and friends living in cold places during the holiday season. Snow flaked cards are great if you have people living in warm clients. Many of these countries dream of having a white Christmas. So why not bring them a little Northern holiday cheer. Then how to make the holiday greeting cards quickly and easily? Read more here Time to Start Planning your Holiday Greeting Cards with Amoyshare photo collage .

Another popular thing I include with my holiday cards is the Christmas letter. Many people make fun of the holiday letter but I think it's a perfect way to share the year's news. The trick is not to make the holiday letter too long otherwise people will get bored.
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